Life Opportunities Inc
Life Opportunities Inc
A 501c dedicated to helping the members of the community through transitions

Our Mission:


We create eighteen month transitional housing and support services program that assists youth and young adults, ages 16-21, transitioning out of the foster care and juvenile justice systems, so they can successfully join the community and lead happy and productive lives.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the support and resources necessary to assist this specific target population to successfully transition into mainstream society to lead productive lives. Our current timeline to make this vision a reality is set for June of 2012.

Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment that gives the participants an opportunity to acquire the life skills necessary to become productive, integrated members of society.

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Our Events

We support our community through a series of educational and inspirational events. These programs are designed to mentoring, skill development, community service and character development. The events provide a safe space for the community to learn and ask questions about difficult transitions for themselves and their loved ones.


October 2017

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Our support for the community wouldn’t be possible without volunteers, sponsors and donors, just like you.

Please take a moment to reach out or donate to help those at risk transition through a difficult time in their lives.